Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eye Secrets

Eye Secrets is a combination of eye beauty products which come as a full kit or sold separately, they include:
- Upper Eyelid Lift
- Under Eye Tightener
- Eye Lash Accelerator

Eye Secrets have an impressive suite of past customers and a very interactive introduction video, on top of this the product has regular offline PR including newspaper, magazine and even TV advertising.
The website has been designed to convert customers from their offline marketing with the use of affiliate marketing to ensure the customer finds the right information about their brands. 

Clear Pores

ClearPores is one of the largest brands in the acne market, their complete acne fighting kit contains the following:
- Herbal Supplement
- Deep Facial Wash
- Deep Body Wash
- Facial Protection Cream
- Body Protection Cream

The ClearPores system is designed to flight of the signs of acne with their daily use solution, say goodbye to acne, breakouts this system will also replentish dry skin and keep you looking healthy, radiant and fresh.
ClearPores comes with a "try it free for 90 day's" promotion as the product does take 3 months to see the best results, after the 90 days if the customer is not happy they can receive a full refund. 

Pai Skin Care

Pai is an organic skin care range for people with sensitive skin.
Many people look to organic skin care for the first time because they have developed a sensitivity or allergy to their existing skin care products.
Too often the choice is between unsophisticated organic balms in uninspiring packaging or ranges that claim to be natural, but are packed full of irritating chemicals and alcohol.

Pai is different. Our products are the cleanest on the market today and packaged for the aspirational customer. We are experts in sensitive skin - we leave out the chemicals that irritate us and only use premium-grade organic ingredients with proven skin-loving properties.
Our best sellers are the Chamomile & Rose Sensitive Skin Moisturiser, the Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream and Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser.


HGHAdvanced is the strongest non-prescription HGH product on the market today, this safe alternative to injections is taking the market by storm and with USP's like reducing wrinkles, improve memory, increase strength, boost immune system and improving your metabolism you can see why!
HGHAdvanced is not only packed full of high strength ingredients but it also has a massive 180 day money back guarantee, customers can feel safe that if they use the product and do not see the benefit, they can simply ask for their money back.

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Clear SkinMAX

Clear Skin MAX is an acne and skin impurity system which contains 5 key products to remove and cure acne, the kit includes:
- Oil Control Cleansing Gel
- Acne Vanisher Mask
- Melanin Expel Essence
- Pore Conditioning Lotion
- Acne Emergency Treatment Cream
This daily use kit has been specifically designed to combat acne from all angles ensuring that with regular use all signs of acne will be removed and your skin will feel clean and fresh. 

Clear Skin MAX is a very sexy product and has been designed for ultimate customer satisfaction, this product comes with a full 180 day money back guarantee, if you do not feel the product has worked for you, get 100% of your money back.